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Gastro+™ Gastrolyzer®

The Gastro+™ is a hand-held and portable hydrogen device, for quick and easy breath analysis.
Revolutionary Interface

Full-colour touchscreen with
an easy-to-use interface

2 sampling options

Breath testing by mouthpiece or
by facemask for infant/elderly patients
who struggle to hold their breath

Testing protocols

Built-in testing protocols with
built-in countdown timer

Ergonomic Design

An ergonomic design, fully portable and
incorporated with SteriTouch® technology
for optimum infection control

Patient profiles

Create and store up to 10 patient
profiles to view a graph of their results

Multi-patient testing

Test 10 patients at one time
even with different protocols

Technical Specification of the Gastro+™

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Concentration range

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Response time
<40 seconds

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Full-colour touchscreen

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Operating temperature

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Detection principle
Electrochemical sensor

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Storage/transport temperature

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Operating humidity
15-90% non-condensing

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whichever is greater*

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Expected sensor operating life
2 years

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3 x AA batteries
(up to 1000 minutes)

Technical Specifications icon

CO cross interference

*Readings of >200ppm at temperature between 26-35ᵒC can decrease accuracy to 15%.

As easy as…

Step 1: inhale
Step 2: exhale
Step 1: readings


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Infection Control
Maintenance Guidelines


Our consumables are made to the highest quality at the most cost effective prices.

SteriBreath Eco Mouthpieces:

SteriBreath™ Eco Mouthpieces are individually sealed for optimum infection control.
Condensation confirms an accurate breath sample. SteriBreath Eco Mouthpieces are attached to the device via the D-piece™.

Facemask adaptor

The facemask adaptor is single-patent-use. A facemask is attached to one end and then the sampling system connects to the device via the D-piece™.


The OneBreath incorporates a one-way valve and an infection control filter, which are proven to remove and trap >99.9% of airborne bacteria1.


The D-piece incorporates a one-way
valve and an integrated infection control filter
which removes and traps >99% of airborne
bacteria and >97% of viruses1. The D-Piece
should be replaced at least every 30 days
or if visibly soiled


Facemasks are single-patent-use and
allow the patient to breathe normally
to produce a breath sample. There are
3 sizes: Large, Medium, and Small.

Calibration gas

The Gastro+™ requires calibration
every 3 months using 100ppm H2 gas,
provided as a kit or replacement cylinder.



1. Public Health England. An Evaluation of Filtration Efficiencies Against Bacterial and Viral Aerosol Challenges Report No. 17/001. London: Public Health England; 2017

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