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What is HMBT?

Hydrogen and Methane Breath Testing (HMBT) is a non-invasive method for gastroenterologists and dietitians to investigate gut function, and detect gastrointestinal disorders such as lactose intolerance, IBS, SIBO and more1.

When your food is digested, it is broken down by the bacteria in your gut and this process releases the gases Hydrogen and/or Methane, which can then be measured on your breath2. Both Hydrogen and Methane can be measured because it is estimated that 33-41% of the population are Methane3, 4, 5 producers.

Based on the levels of the gases you breathe out, healthcare professionals can determine what might be upsetting your stomach and provide you with nutritional advice or medication.

Gastrolyzer® range – what is it?

The Gastrolyzer® range of hydrogen and methane devices aids in the detection of gastrointestinal disorders. Please click on the devices to find out more…
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We take the utmost pride in the fact that the Gastrolyzer® devices are accredited to BS EN ISO13485:2016 and CE marked to the Medical Device Directive (MDD).
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GastroCHART™ is a FREE patient management software for the Gastrolyzer® devices.
Patients can be synchronised between the Gastro+™/GastroCH4ECK® and computer, enabling you to safely back-up and store patient profiles and results.
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Case Studies

''The advanced equipment and technology of the GastroCH4ECK® enables me to offer my patients a Gold-standard service. It’s ability to measure both Hydrogen and Methane provides diagnostic accuracy and I happy with the service and turnaround time for ordering supplies''- Melissa Dooley - Founder and Director of Gastrolife
''I found the Hydrogen Breath Testing procedure very useful. The machine and home-kit were efficient equipment where I was able to measure what food groups had been affecting my day-to-day life. I found it a very straightforward test where I held my breath and then took a long breath in the required equipment. The regular breaks allowed me to drink water and rest so I was ready for the next test. The testing procedure ran very smoothly.''- London Bridge Hospital patient - undertook tests with the GastroCH4ECK®
''If you are serious about providing a Gold Standard breath testing service, the Bedfont® GastroCH4ECK® system is essential, as without methane monitoring you will be missing very important clinical information and increase your percentage of false negative tests. It is also very important to map patients symptoms prior to and during the test to make sure the clinical translation of the physiological findings are maximised''- Dr Anthony Hobson - Clinical Director of the Functional Gut Clinic, London
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Board of Clinicians

We work with a network of KOL’s in the medical world to make sure the Gastrolyzer® devices are fit for purpose. We are always working to improve our Gastrolyzer® range and if you would like to be a part of this elite group of Clinicians, please contact Bedfont® today.
Dr Jafari
Melissa Dooley
Head of Upper GI Physiology at the Guy’s and St Thomas’ Foundation Trust Hospitals, Dr Jafari has an MD in Medicine, a PhD in Neurogastroenterology, and has been involved in over 100 research publications regarding gastroenterology. Notably, one of Dr Jafari’s main areas of interest is Hydrogen and C13 GI breath testing.
Melissa began her career as a Gastrointestinal Physiologist in St. James’s’ Hospital Dublin. During her career, Melissa took a keen interest in Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth and completed a research project titled ‘Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth in Post Oesophagectomy and Gastrectomy Patients’. Melissa is a fully accredited Gastrointestinal Physiologist and is a member of both the Irish Institute of Clinical Measurement Scientists and the British Society of Gastroenterology. Melissa has multiple publications and has presented her research at both national and international conferences. Melissa was awarded the RES MED/PEI award in 2008 by Technological University Dublin (formally Dublin Institute of Technology) for her outstanding academic achievements.

Our Mission

To help improve the detection of gastrointestinal disorders worldwide through hydrogen and methane breath testing (HMBT).

Our Purpose

To highlight the benefits of hydrogen and methane breath monitoring in gastroenterology and make HMBT more accessible globally through an effective yet cost-efficient range of breath devices and equally low-cost consumables.

Customer Charter

What we do:

  1. Work hard to design and manufacture the most up to date, high quality, innovative products for use by worldwide health professionals.
  2. Re-invest our profit into future research and development to keep our products up to life saving standards.
  3. Strive to produce high quality consumables at the lowest possible prices.
  4. Committed to provide a very high level of quality customer service that takes account of the changing needs and expectations of our customers.
  5. Work to continuously improve the quality in all that we do.


1. Eisenmann, A., Amann, A., Said, M., Datt a, B. and Ledochowski, M. (2008) ‘Implementation and interpretation of hydrogen breath tests’, Journal of Breath Research, 2(4),
2. Ledochowski, M. and Ledochowski, L. (2011) Hydrogen Breath Tests. 2nd Edition edn. Austria: Verlag Akademie für Ernahrungsmedizin GmbH.
3. Roccarina, D., Lauritano, E. C., Gabrielli, M., Franceschi, F., Ojetti , V. and Gasbarrini, A. (2010) ‘The role of methane in intestinal diseases’, The American Journal of
Gastroenterology, 105(6), pp. 1250–1256.
4. Pitt, P., de Bruijn, K. M., Beeching, M. F., Goldberg, E. and Blendis, L. M. (1980) ‘Studies on breath methane: The effect of ethnic origins and lactulose’, Gut, 21(11), pp. 951–954.
5. Di Stefano, M. and Corazza, G. R. (2009) ‘Role of hydrogen and methane breath testing in gastrointestinal diseases’, Digestive and Liver Disease Supplements, 3(2), pp. 40–43.

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